Currently, a wide variety of Needle Bearing types are available, with little information about their differences. Perhaps you have asked yourself, “which bearing is best for my application?”A Guide to Find the Best Bearing

In other words, “how do I choose a Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearing or AXK Bearing?” This article will assist you.

What to look for when choosing a bearing?

Choosing the right bearing for your application:

Find Bearing Loads & Load Capacity

You should first determine what kind of bearing load your application will place on the bearing. Generally, ball bearings work best for small- to medium-sized loads. However, in most cases, roller bearings are the best choice for applications with heavy loads.

Make sure you know what rotational speed your application requires

Your application’s rotational speed should be determined. Ball bearings work best at high speeds (RPM), while roller bearings work best at lower speeds.

Consider bearing runout and rigidity.

In addition, you need to determine what kind of runout your application will support. It is most likely that a ball bearing is the best option if there are only small deviations allowed in the application.

Choose the Right Lubricant for Your Bearings

For high-speed applications, calculate your n*dm value, and if it’s higher than the grease max speed, then the grease won’t be able to provide sufficient lubrication. Alternatively, oil mist can be used. Finally, an oil bath is a good choice for low-speed applications.

Got a question? We will be happy to chat with you about bearings and help you choose the right one for your needs.

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