How often do you put on lipstick only to find that an hour later it has faded and left you with the dreaded ring around your lips?

What if you have flawless winged eyeliner when you leave the house in the morning, but by the time you get home you look like a panda?

These cosmetic problems are resolved by Super Stay solutions, which keep your makeup in place and appearing as fresh as when you first applied it. Utilizing Super Stay solutions, discover how to achieve the ideal cat eye or pout.

Significant Pigmentation

Intense pigmentation is important for any lipstick, whether you’re trying for a natural appearance or something more dramatic. You can obtain that pigment with super stay lipstick and not worry about it fading during the day.

Whipped Formula

The creamy composition of L’Oreal’s Super Stay lipsticks allows for effortless application and offers colour that lasts all day. The eyeliner gel delivers the exact application and vivid colour, while the glitter lip gloss features a clear base covered with shimmering particles.

Easy Implementation

You may achieve the ideal pout with the help of our super stay eyeliner and lipstick gels, whether you want a natural or glamorous appearance.

Spends Hours Stationary

Look no further than Maybelline’s Super Stay range if you want a lipstick that will remain in place for several hours. These lipsticks, which come in a variety of colours, are made to last. They are made using non-feathering, non-bleeding Stay-true pigments.

The gel-based solution leaves you with an ultra-satin finish, and the fine-tipped application makes it simple. Glitter lip gloss will give you the ideal pout!

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