The most energy-efficient and quickly evolving type of lighting technology available today is the light-emitting diode (LED). Comparable to or offering superior light quality than other types of lighting, high-quality LED lights last longer and are more robust.

Here, we’ve chosen three types of LEDs and will explore their advantages.

●    LED Batten Light
●    LED Vapor Tight
●    LED Linear Light

LED Vapor Tight

Durable enclosed fixtures made for tough situations are LED Vapor Tight Lights. These LEDs are excellent for use in food service facilities, airports, tunnels, maintenance areas, parking garages, and stairwells since they can tolerate exposure to water and vapour.

The three most popular advantages of LED vapour tight lighting—energy savings, lower maintenance costs, and better lighting performance—are presented below.

Power Savings

A typical 4 foot LED vapour tight light fixture has a power range of 12 to 55 watts, which results in a 40 to 60% reduction in energy usage compared to fluorescent vapour tight lighting.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

LED vapour tight lights also have the benefit of not being significantly impacted by cycling (turning on and off), making them more dependable in situations where illumination may be regularly turned on and off.

Lighting Performance

LED vapour tight fixtures frequently offer a highly uniformly dispersed light pattern because of the multi-point construction. In comparison to fluorescent lighting, the conversion to LED produces a more uniform distribution of foot candles.

LED Batten Light

Let’s analyze the advantages of LED batten lights over fluorescent tube lights. Here are a few justification for choosing LED batteries over conventional lights.

Saving money

One of the main benefits of switching to an LED batten for your office or home lighting is the cost savings it offers.

Consumption of energy

The extremely low power consumption of LED battens is one of the main factors contributing to cost reductions.


The conventional incandescent bulbs needed to be replaced on a regular basis.


In comparison to other lighting technologies, an LED batten has a higher luminous efficiency, which contributes to its low energy consumption.

Lighting Level

An LED batten’s brightness quality does not degrade over time and is constant throughout its lifespan.


The LED battens are packaged in clever casings that are simple to mount on a wall or ceiling.

LED Linear Light

Consider using linear lights while selecting the ideal lighting design. Consider these benefits.
●    Task lighting
●    Shelving areas
●    Light layering
●    Ceiling lighting
●    Wash lighting
●    Mood setting
●    Feature lighting
●    Easy to install and low maintenance

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