Rivet is made up a cylindrical shaft and a head, which is called the factory head on one end. And the end of a to the head is called the Flat Head Rivet Nut or shop head. The bucktail is about 1.5 times the shaft diameter to hold the rivet. They are installed with the aid of a hammer of such kind of things.

Flat Head Rivet Nut

In this process, the force needed to push the factory head to insert the rivet into the hole.so it Aluminum Rivnuts indeed tends to fill the hole tightly. other wise they As a result, it is difficult or impossible to obtain such a tight fit with other fasteners.

Aluminum Rivnuts

Hex Rivet Nut the oldest and most intense types of fasteners. It installed hammer to deform insert the shaft like common ones. it are are widely used structural parts of aircraft. For example, it is counted that hundreds of thousands of solid rivets are used to assemble the frame of a modern aircraft to enable the reliability and safety count.

it was typically made from aluminum alloys, titanium, and nickel-based alloys and are designed in rounded (universal) or 100° countersunk heads. Furthermore,so rivnut made up of steel is primarily used to static structures such as bridges, cranes, and building frames.

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