Let’s look at what’s happening without getting too ‘scientific.’ Most fridge doors are make of austenitic stainless steel, which contains high nickel content, making them non-magnetic. So you’ve got your problem right there.Handy Ideas To Stick Fridge Stuff

Now let’s see how you can put stuff on your refrigerator that will be useful!

These Are Handy Ideas You Can Try

Those colorful and quirky magnets you’ve collected over the years can still be used.

You can get your magnets to stick by putting a bit of putty on the back.

You can now press the front of the magnet ‘holder’ firmly to the fridge, and you’re ready to go!

Use the putty as a magnet replacement if using your magnets is not important to you.

The magnetic message boards can be mounted with suction cups or strong double-sided tape on non-magnetic fridges.

When you stick the board to the fridge, you have a magnetic surface ready to use suction cups or tape.

Hope you can get the best ideas to stick your notes on fridge.

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