In recent years, hookah smoking has become more popular, and there are more and more reviews and options available. Consequently, myths and inaccurate records emerge. Many hookah myths are well known to experienced Kaloud Krysalis Calix hookah enthusiasts.

It is also possible for novice hookah smokers to encounter unreliable sources when searching for information, training, and recommendations. Hookah misconceptions are inevitable, causing confusion and causing errors that veteran shisha enthusiasts will avoid. My Hookah wants to educate you about the most famous hookah myths to help you avoid hookah mistakes.
• The Larger The Hookah, The Better
• If you have milk in your base, your clouds will be bigger

Smoking hookahs: the myths and realities A Middle Eastern man smokes shisha tobacco from a conventional hookah
• Flavor comes from more juice

The myths surrounding hookah smoking

An elderly Middle Eastern man smokes shisha tobacco from a conventional hookah.
• The more juice you drink, the more flavor you get
• There is more smoke when there is more heat
• Hookah sessions with ice inside the base are more enjoyable
• The hookah is not an uncommon error. Smoking flavors of shisha by a young woman
• The most common mistakes beginner smokers make
• Overuse of coal
• Coconut coals that have not been lit properly

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