2V AGM Batteries Serials are mainly big capacity batteries with voltage of 2V. It has designed a premium deep cycle VRLA battery with high reserve capacity. Long cycle life and low internal resistance. so, The batteries will store energy that’s gathere from the array, and this energy can be use to power on board electronics . 12v Agm Battery Battery offer AGM technology, non-hazardous marine and motorhome off-grid battery power.

12v Agm Battery

120ah Deep Cycle Battery is an all-weather battery, which features built-in pure lead grip and AGM separator for enhance performance. so, The batteries are designe to be deeply discharged and recharge hundreds of times. so, The batteries offers improve cycling capacity, vibration tolerance, durability and faster charging. so, It also survive freezing with no problems, even though the output when frozen will be little or nothing. It is designed to be regularly deeply discharge using most of its capacity.

120ah Deep Cycle Battery

Deep Cycle Battery is designe to be regularly deeply discharged using most of its capacity. Otherwise, The battery is a lead battery designed to provide sustaine power over a long period and run reliably. so, The battery is designed to supply steady power over an extended period like those commonly used in marine vehicles. so, The battery is a battery is designe to produce steady power output over an extended period of time and discharging the battery significantly.

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