The company has traditionally developed a wide range of drilling bits for applications in harder rocks and to great industry acclaim. The latest Chrddrill development in drill bits is the release of a new button drill bit specifically design to meet the necessity of customers drilling in softer, less abrasive materials.

Rock Drilling Bit

The new Rock Drilling Bit is design to drill fast in softer and less abrasive applications so that customers can benefit from a cost-effective and fast solution.

A few of the key features and benefits of the Rock Drill Bit are:

Rock Drilling Bit

•Increased drill meters per shift due to conical buttons.
•Chrddrill provides the whole drill string, from rods and shank adapters to drill bits. So, operation and aftermarket care are consistent and straightforward.
•The Rock Drilling Bit is design specifically for the application.
•High-tech manufacturing with Chrdrill materials and expertise.
•Not design to be reground.
•The frontal grooves facilitate efficient flushing and sludge disposal.

Rock Drilling Bit

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Chrddrill Rock Drill Bit is design to transmit energy with the least possible loss through the rock. The effectiveness of this design has resulted in a high penetration rate, low resistance to rock breakage, and high productivity, as Chrddrill customers around the world can attest.

Rock Drilling Bit

The company has provided customers with rock blasting results of the highest quality, outstanding drill steel economy, a low total cost of ownership, and excellent reliability and long service life.

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