Your Amy Hookah base, stem, tray or plate, bowl, hose, grommets, a can of tobacco or flavor, a set of aluminum foil or a heat management device, a fork, a poker or toothpick, a pack of charcoals, a lighter or burner, and also a jar of water should all be spread out on a table. No matter if the washable hookah accessories have been used before or not, they should be cleaned carefully.

Build the hookah

Your Amy Hookah glass base should be partially filled with water. Check the water level by taking the stem and inserting it into the base. The water should be about an inch deep at the lower end of the down stem. If the base is wider, you might choose a measurement of less than an inch. If the base is higher, you might choose a little bit more than one inch. This depth inside the water is also influenced by the bore or the size of the hole through the stem.

After adjusting the water level, insert the stem or pipe and use the large grommet to ensure a tight fit. Insert the tray all the way down to the stem’s neck. Use a fitting grommet to attach the hose. You can breathe in or out through the hose to see if the entire device allows for smooth airflow. Check the purge valve or search for anything lodged inside the stem or hose if there is any obstruction. Once everything is in order, pack the hookah bowls.

Give the bowl a strong Shisha flavor

Make sure the bowl is clean before using it, preferably a funnel-shaped one. Open the tobacco can, grab a fork, and give it a good stir. The tobacco inside the can itself should be distributed evenly. Juices inside the can shouldn’t be concentrated in one area. Spread some tobacco inside the bowl using the fork to scoop out some tobacco. Approaching the center from the inside of the rim first. Avoid using your fingers since the liquids will stick to your skin. For the best flavors, the juices must go into the hookah bowls. Don’t throw the fluids away. On towels or papers, do not dab and also dry shisha flavors.

Simply set your heat management device on top of your hookah bowls if you’re using one. In the alternative, lay two sheets of thick aluminum foil firmly on top of the hookah bowls and also closely wrap them. The foil shouldn’t be wrinkled or wrinkled in any way. Once the bowl has been covered with foil, poke holes through it with a poker or toothpick. Three concentric circles are an option. One may be on the rim or at the edge. There should be about 2mm between each hole. As few gaps as feasible should exist. When finished, affix the bowl to the pipe or stem of your Amy Hookah.

Turn on the charcoals

To light the charcoal, use a burner. Based on the amount of tobacco in the bowl, so you can use two to four pieces. One-half of the charcoal at a time, heat. Wait until the pieces are evenly illuminated throughout. Place the heated charcoal in the heat management device or on top of the foil. Wait two to four minutes for the tobacco to warm up enough in the charcoal so that you can draw enough smoke.

To ensure even heat distribution inside the bowl, start smoking, flip the charcoals as soon as the bottoms start to turn ashen, and move them to a new location atop the foil. Remove one or more charcoal if the smoke is too hot. If the number of smoke decreases, burn one or two more charcoal and set them on top of the foil.

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