Power of Attorney (POA) documents permit individuals to act on another’s behalf. POAs can be granted for several reasons, such as when a person is abroad, incapacitated, ill, etc. As a result, granting POA is the more convenient option because an individual will be in charge of all your responsibilities without you having to worry about it. This individual is known as the donor. Various types of POAs exist, including:

  1. General POA
  2. Specific or Special POA
  3. Durable POA
  4. Non-durable POA
  5. Deed of revocation of POA

The Procedure of Power of Attorney

Step 1: Contact our legal professionals, who will design a suitable POA for you.

Step 2: Our legal experts will ask you generic questions and discuss your requirements.

Step 3: The lawyer will itemize the details and draft your power of attorney.

Step 4: Following that, the POA must be signed in the presence of two witnesses

Step 5: A notary public must sign the POA.

Step 6: You may also be required to pay stamp duty if the POA is to be used in a country where such is the requirement. It varies according to the type of POA. This condition does not apply to Canada and the United States.

Benefits of Power of Attorney

  1. Allows you to make decisions without having to think about them
  2. Considers another’s point of view when making decisions
  3. Allows stakeholders to express their opinions
  4. It is not questioned whether the donor had good intentions
  5. The legal and financial procedures are simplified, reducing unnecessary hassle
  6. Gives peace of mind to the donor.

Want POA? Contact Notarizers!

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