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Plastic Diaphragm Pump: A brief Study

The Crest Pump’s line of Plastic Diaphragm Pump has been develope to use non-metallic materials like polypropylene, PVDF, or PTFE to ensure your process runs effectively and depend even in the most demanding applications. These materials were chose because they are abrasion- and corrosion-resistant.
The improvements to the Series P Diaphragm Pneumatic Pump offer a fusion of contemporary industrial design with the standard demands of pumps, such as excellent mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and temperature.
In addition, the injection molding’s computer-aided design produces parts with consistently high quality, a super surface polish for minimal flow resistance, and good abrasion resistance. The finish product is a robust and small diaphragm pump.

Double Diaphragm Pump

To move a variety of corrosive liquids, slurries, pastes, and sludges for which pumps of metal construction cannot provide the requisite chemical resistance, Double Diaphragm Pump have been create. Pump housings also made of solid polypropylene or PTFE and are machine.
The intricate production procedure offers the maximum level of form stability, allowing the pumping pressure capability to remain consistent with versions of the basic cast metal pump.
Additionally, the solid form of PP also PTFE offers total exterior resistance to corrosive conditions.
Rugged non-metallic construction also components that is resistant to corrosive media and environments
Perfect for shear-sensitive, viscous, abrasive, and goods with entrained solids
Electrical conductivity and air operation make plastic housing suitable for explosive or dangerous environments.

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