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What to Know About the Best Blenders for Smoothies?

Smoothie Setting:

Like the Best Blenders, our top pick, many full-size blenders have a Smoothie Maker Blender setting on the base.What to Know About the Best Blenders for Smoothies?

The right speed and force are used in these Portable Blender Bottle settings to create a uniform drink. Don’t be surprised if you feel the setting is more powerful than usual. Most full-size, high-speed blenders can handle these types of blending, and there aren’t a lot of ramp-ups required.

Order Matters:

In a blender, especially the personal kind, the order of your ingredients can make all the difference. If your manual doesn’t tell you how to order your ingredients, we recommend adding liquids and tough greens toward the bottom and adding frozen and hard ingredients at the top.

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Using a portable cup and a personal blender is ideal for making smoothies every morning. However, the full-size option is better if you’ll be blending smoothies for your entire family.

A user-friendly interface is important. Our tests revealed that some models don’t clearly label the settings; they use symbols instead of words, so you must memorize everything or keep the manual nearby.

Sometimes you just want to blend, but some of the models we tested had so much technology that it was difficult to just turn them on and blend without starting and stopping.

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