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Aluminum Clad Windows: What Are Their Benefits?

 Professionals have been installing aluminum-clad windows for decades, and they remain a popular window option. Nor’easters, blizzards, and driving rain are common in the northeast, where Aluminium Bifold Patio Doors and Aluminum Wrapped Windows are ideal. In addition to being highly resistant to dents, these windows are also very energy efficient. These beautiful windows offer various design options and are strong, durable, and energy efficient.

Aluminum cladding – what is it?

Aluminum-clad windows or doors are wood windows or doors with an exterior layer of aluminum wrapped around the frame and sash. Only occasional cleaning is required to maintain the cladding. While the exterior resists natural elements, the interior features beautiful wood you can stain or paint to match your home’s décor.

Aluminum Cladding: A Brief History

The material used in old-fashioned roll-form aluminum windows was the thickness of a soda can. Although they were relatively sturdy, they were subject to fading, chalking (white dust that forms on window sills due to deteriorated paint), and dents. Throughout the years, aluminum cladding has advanced significantly. A quarter-thick aluminum cladding from Glass Curtain Wall System windows revolutionized aluminum windows’ use as window materials, changing the way we see aluminum as a material. Rather than melting aluminum down to liquid form, an extruded ingot is almost sliced and put through a shaper to create a building material.

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You can get high-quality aluminum products from Guangzhou Apro Building Materials Co Ltd (APRO) easily. Their products fields are prospective and widely, including aluminum windows, aluminum doors, curtain walls, pergolas, shutters, railing, and many more.

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This Aluminium Window Company have an independent production workshop and 3 finished product warehouses, covering an area of 5000 square meters, and their production capacity and delivery time are guaranteed.

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Each product like Custom Aluminum Windows will be tested in their workshop to make sure it is 100 percent problem-free and ensures that the products Made-in-China is recognized.

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They have a professional sales team and technical team, which provides them with the guarantee of a full range of after-sales services, and provides high-quality products like Best Aluminum Windows.


They have quality inspection certificates for all products even on Custom Aluminum Windows and provide 10 years warranty according to the product category.

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This famous Aluminium Window Company provide their customers with expertise solutions and quality service by building up a professional servicing network and experienced engineer teams.

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This company covers site measurement before ordering, redesigning solutions, manufacturing, and inspection. They will provide you with the Best Aluminum Windows.

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