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Tefude Offer Wide Range of Food Packaging Wrap

Tefude is a leading company which offer wide range of food packing equipment and wrap too. Our wrapping options are known to harm your health as well as nature’s. Our flow wrap is one of many of our flexible food packaging options available that protects, presents & preserves foods. We are offering competitive barrier properties and excellent crimping abilities. We continue to make bottles and shrink-wraps ever thinner, but the fact remains: plastics are from non-renewable resources.

Our Flow Wrap Packaging are specifically designe to be impervious to oxygen, thus making them suitable for freezer storage of meat. The range of packages improves aesthetics and protects items and helps minimise storage space and transportation costs. We typically work with end-users to perfect and optimize our products specifically for their needs. We have created edible food wrap made from algae and cinnamon compounds for packaging produce, bakery, poultry, meat, and seafood. With the help of these disposable food packaging wraps, you can keep all kinds of foods safe, fresh and on-the-go friendly.

Our Food Packaging Equipment options including silicone vegetable parchment to silicon greaseproof, baking parchment. Our packaging are keeps out external contaminants like bacteria. so, We offer a huge selection of wholesale packaging supplies and products at great prices. To check out the complete range of food packings, you can visit the official website anytime.

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