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Importance of Turnaround Time in Criminal Background Check

Recruiting for a busy healthcare organization means you have to fill positions quickly. To cover higher demand resulting from the latest COVID-19 variant, you will need to replace retiring nurses or hire new staff.

Effective background screening should play an essential role in your staffing strategy. For a Criminal Background Check to be conducted efficiently, you need to refine your policies and processes. However, speed is not the only factor to consider, as accuracy, compliance, and comprehensiveness are important.

To meet your goals of providing excellent patient care, you’ll need to balance all of these factors.

Background Screening: The Importance of Turnaround Time

You must keep track of the time it takes for your organization to complete a background check since it impacts the time it takes to hire new people and get them on board quickly.

You can begin the on-boarding process and start paying new employees when your background check is complete.

You must conduct a thorough background check before hiring an individual with healthcare experience, including reviewing employer sanctions and checking for licenses and other credentials.

When is a Fast Background Check Important?

In research conducted by LinkedIn, a hiring process for healthcare employees typically takes 40 days. However, if any part of the hiring process is delayed, it can easily take 50 to 60 days. As a result of the longer time to hire, your healthcare organization may experience increased side effects on the front line.

When you conduct a quick background check, on the other hand, you can reap the following benefits:

  1. Time to hire could be reduced.
  2. A more positive candidate experience
  3. A faster onboarding process and increased productivity on the job

What is the risk in prioritizing Fast Background Check?

In healthcare background check programs, making speed your top priority can backfire if you indeed prioritizeon it. It is not just a risk to operate a process that lacks accuracy. Still, it is possible to increase the possibility of mistakes in background check results, which can prolong the progress of the process during the investigation and correction of those errors.

In addition to these cons, pursuing a fast background check may also negatively impact other factors:

  1. Background checks rushed too quickly may overlook key details like employment exclusions and missing credentials.
  2. Background check companies that rush the screening process may cause errors, which can cause you to miss out on a great candidate or hire someone who poses a risk to your organization.
  3. Screening processes may fail to filter out details in a background check report that should be deleted, such as bankruptcies older than ten years or arrest records older than seven years.

By conducting criminal background checks and conducting background checks, a company can better determine a candidate’s suitability. Business owners and hiring managers need to work with a background verification company that conducts timely and thorough criminal record checks to fulfill your employment requirements.

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