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What is Grain Oriented Silicon Steel&Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel?

Ferromagnetic materials magnify current-carrying coils’ magnetic fields, which is why electrical steels are use as cores in electromagnetic devices like motors, generators, and transformers.

What is Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel?

Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel is an abbreviation for Cold Rolled Grain Oriented Steel, which is commonly use in the core of heavy transformers. Magnetic properties and mechanical elasticity in the rolling direction are exceptional in CRGO steel.

What is Grain Oriented Electrical Steel?

Electrical steel with grain orientation is most commonly use for the production of large, high-performance generators and energy-efficient transformers. Transformers, power transformers, distribution transformers, and small transformers are make of the laminated, wound, or punched sheets.

Throughout the process of continuously optimizing the production flow and characteristics of our Grain Oriented Electrical Steel, our research and development departments in Gelsenkirchen and Isbergues continually improve the flow of production.


  1. A shunt reactor
  2. Cores of wounds
  3. Generators of power
  4. Transformers for current
  5. Transformers of small size
  6. Transformers of large size
  7. Transformers for distribution

How does Grain Oriented Silicon Steel differ from non-grain-oriented steel?

Electric motors, generators, and high-frequency converters are the main uses of non-grain-oriented electrical steel (NGOES). Transformers, on the other hand, are make of grain-oriented electrical steel (GOES).

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