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When is the best time to take a pregnancy test?

When a couple tries to conserve, they will have questions about a pregnancy test. When is the best time to take a pregnancy test among these questions? Is this a considerable question to answer? So this article will answer most of your problems related to the best time and method to test your pregnancy.

Many reports that they were anxious as they had insufficient knowledge regarding the best time to take their pregnancy test. As a result, they lost their hopes and spent unnecessary money on pregnancy tests. When you wish to become pregnant, you will always be curious about your pregnancy. Although you are interested, you must wait until you reach the best time for the testing.

Taking an early pregnancy test may help you to make your dream real. Still, unfortunately, it can provide wrong results by blurring your hope. We provide you with the information regarding the best time to participate in a pregnancy test, so you can expand your chance of obtaining the exact results.

What is the best time of your menstrual cycle to take the pregnancy test?

To avoid false readings and obtain the most accurate test results, it is recommended to take the pregnancy test after missing the expected date of menstruation. If you have an irregular cycle or if you are a woman unaware of your cycle, you can start the pregnancy test after passing two weeks of intercourse.

If you have never maintained a menstruating calendar, you may remember the approximate size of your cycle. In such cases, you can repeat the pregnancy test several times to confirm your state of pregnancy.

There may be alterations in your cycle. Although you Sims to be healthy, many other psychological, emotional, and environmental factors can determine the onset of your menstruation. When you miss periods with negative pregnancy test results, it is more towards late menstruation. But remember to consider the regularity of your menstrual cycle.

Early pregnancy detection tests can be used if you are curious and hurry to know the results. But the most accurate results can be obtained after taking the regency test after a missed period.

What is the best time of the day to take a pregnancy test?

The time of the day you plan to take the pregnancy test may affect the validity and the accuracy of the pregnancy test. The best recommended time is early morning. The urine pregnancy test can be done early in the morning by using the concentrated urine you pass for the first time. The hormone HCG is concentrated in the early urine samples. If your period is not late yet and if it is close to the expected date, you can test your pregnancy using an early morning urine sample.

When you sleep for many hours, you will not pass urine. So the urine gets concentrated. Concentrated urine contains more HCG hormone levels than diluted urine. So an early morning pregnancy test may be more sensitive to the concentrated HCG hormone. So there is a greater chance of showing positive test results when pregnant.

What are the symptoms that make you feel that you are pregnant?

Women who experience early pregnancy symptoms will decide to take a pregnancy test. A home pregnancy test can be used to detect the pregnancy. A higher level of hormones may trigger the occurrence of such symptoms. But remember that the same hormones may Couse similar symptoms when a women get close to the ovulation day and menstruation day. Also, close symptoms may appear when you experience poor sleep and cold.

What are the signs of early pregnancy?

• Tenderness of breast
• Increase the frequency of urination
• Lower abdominal cramps
• Vaginal spotting
• Cravings
• Tasting like metal
• Mood changes
• Morning sickness

The above early pregnancy symptoms may remind you to take a pregnancy test. As a home pregnancy test is less expensive and convenient, you can perform a home pregnancy test to know your status.

How can you prevent false pregnancy results?

If you take your pregnancy test soon after the fertilization, it will not get detected on the pregnancy test. It needs some time to concentrate the urine and blood with HCG hormone. Therefore read the above content before taking your pregnancy test.

Make sure to maintain a menstruation calendar to know the approximate ovulation date. If you and your partner wish to have a baby in the future, you can have intercourse around the ovulation date. Your calendar may help you to know the accurate days you need to complete to gain a positive pregnancy test.


When a couple tries to conserve, they try to confirm their pregnancy using a pregnancy test. Taking the test after reaching the expected menstruation day may help the couple to get accurate results. Taking the test early in the morning when you wake up may increase the chance of getting a positive result early when pregnant.