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Know About Feature of Vegetable Vacuum Cooling System

Summary: The following press release provides brief information about renowned companies which offer a wide range of Vegetable Vacuum Cooling System to keep your vegetables and fruits fresh.

Ice Ups is a renowned company that designs a high-quality vacuum cooling system to help keep vegetables and fruits fresh under temperature control. so, Let’s discuss the different features of a Vegetable Vacuum Cooling system:

Remove the heat

The cooling system will help to remove the heat from vegetables and fruits that will help to keep them cool and fresh to vegetable and fruits. You can also store these fruits and vegetables for a long time. so, It is designed according to your needs. so, the vacuum coolers adapt to different sizes of pallet batches.

Cost-efficient solution

Our cooling system is very cost friendly well. It is the quickest way to keep cool to your fruits, vegetables, and flowers in your pocket budget. So that you don’t require so much money to keep your products fresh and healthy, it is the quickest and most cost-efficient cooling system for vegetables, flowers, meats, and cooked foods in the vacuum chamber.

Pre-cooling method

Vacuum cooling is a pre-cooling method in which the product is cool down by the evaporation of moisture from inside the product. It involves chilling the vegetables in a depressurized chamber. It is an ideal way to quickly cool specific fresh produce, such as leafy vegetables and flowers. Our Vegetable Cooling System can control the storage temperature, independent of external conditions.

Produces rapid evaporation

The vacuum cooling process produces rapid evaporation of a small quantity of water, lowering the temperature of the crop to the desired level. Vacuum cooling begins when a large vacuum chamber is fille with agricultural products, such as fresh vegetables. The vacuum cooler takes away the air from the cold chamber and forms a vacuum state so that the temperature of the fresh produce. You can visit our official website anytime if you want to know more about this cooling system.


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Bread Vacuum Cooler

Bread Cooling System

For Bakery, Bread Cooling System Offer Several Benefits

It means you’ll be able to use a vacuum cooler for the final 20% to 40% of your baking time. Bread will begin to boil as the chamber’s pressure decreases and the boiling point of Bread Cooling System decreases during cooling. You may continue baking and chilling your items simultaneously, thanks to the presence of steam throughout the starch gelation process. Because the bread provides the cooking energy (heat), Bread Cooling System procedure is carried out at a lower temperature.

The bread is created in the oven and then stabilized in the vacuum chamber during the last stages of baking. You’ll benefit from the Bread Cooler crust, product crispness, and longer shelf life with lower reject rates due to fewer bacteria development. You’ll also see improvements in shape stability, an increase in product volume, and an overall softer texture. Your financial benefits include increased productivity, decreased energy use, reduced space requirements, and a lower total investment cost. ‘

Bread Cooling System

Using a vacuum to bake bake-off bread is also helpful, as it increases productivity, extends shelf life, and enhances structure and flavor. An outstanding crispness will result from a thin and flawless crust! Using vacuum cooling, you may reduce baking times by 40% and cool down in only 3 minutes! Vacuum Vegetable Cooling System pulls the cake from the inside, giving it greater volume, and a 10% reduction in ingredients are other advantages. In a nutshell, vacuum baking is a win-win situation for you and your business!

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