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How does a close loop stepper motor work?

A stepper motor is inherently open-loop. as every pulse of current delivered by the drive corresponds. to one step of the motor (or fractions of a step when micro stepping is used). So if the position of a stepper motor can be determined in an open-loop system. why do close loop stepper motor control systems required so much more cost and complexity?

Precise positioning of the motor depends on its never losing steps. Unfortunately, real-world situations can cause the motor to skip steps – for example, a jammed machine that prevents it from rotating.


Position correction after step loss

close loop stepper motor

Step-loss compensation, also call step-loss control or stepper position maintenance, is the most common close loop stepper system. An encoder tracks the load position, and the drive operates in microste mode.

The simple closed-loop strategy for stepper motors is step-loss compensation. Additionally, has the disadvantage of only compensating for missed steps at the end of a move. not constantly throughout the moved profile.

Load Position Control

It is also know as close-loop micro stepping because it continuously monitors the position of the shaft (or load). A controller reacts to this error signal in real-time throughout the entire move profile.

As a stepper system, it still operates in micro stepping mode with load position control. but the move profile is follow precisely. An alternative would be to permit the motor to deviate during the moved. and issued a single position compensation commanded at the end.

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