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8 Features of Outdoor LCD Digital Signage

Are you interested in installing Outdoor LCD Digital Signage? Outdoor Bus Station LCD Digital Signage provides state-of-the-art display technology for outdoor environments. The highest industry standards enable them to maintain a high level of operational reliability and superior image quality, which are essential preconditions for attracting your target audience’s attention.

Key Features Of Outdoor Lcd Digital Signage

  1. Environment friendly
  2. Outdoor High Brightness LCD Bus Shelter Sunlight Readable
  3. Protection from anti-vandal
  4. Fan cooled system
  5. Automatic Brightness Control
  6. Easy services with the back door open
  7. Customized cabinet housing color


All-Weather Capable
Indoor Displays are equipped with an intelligent cooling and heating system that can withstand temperatures ranging from -30 oC to +50 oC.

Sunlight Readable
Our website Outdoor-lcd-signage.com offers special displays based on optical bonding and can be installed in environments with bright lighting. As a result, the message and image are easy to see even in bright sunlight.

• Anti-Vandal Protection
A special tempered security glass makes this possible. By using the Anti-Vandal glass bonding technique, Outdoor Bus Station LCD Digital Signage are protected from vandalism attacks.

When you search for the top quality Outdoor LCD Digital Signage, at outdoor-lcd-signage.com we will offer you the best quality LCD Digital Signage solution.

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