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Choose a High-Quality Surge Protector With USB Charging Ports

If you want to buy the Outlet Adapter with USB, then Huntkey offers SMD607 to satisfy your needs.

Its 900-joule rating is enough to cope with many average electronic devices. All of these USB ports use smart IC technology that can distribute power evenly. Its wall-mountable design provides a simple and secure installation way. It uses an integral copper bar to improve product conductivity, durability, and safety. It is made of flame retardant material ABS and it is able to withstand high temperatures. If you need a wall mountable surge protector which can charge many devices, this model is an ideal choice.

6 outlets + 3 USB ports
Input: 125VAC, 60Hz
Output Power (peak): 1875W
USB Output: 5V3.4A total
900 Joule surge protection
ETL/FCC/UL certification


Surge Protector, SMD607

Surge Protector

• It will trip off automatically to protect your devices when the power overload
• 900 Joule energy rating provides superior protection for all your electronics.
• The indicator light assures connected electronics are protected from surges or spikes.
• keep your computers, kitchen appliances, standard household electronics safe from surges, lightning strikes, and AC contamination.

Why Use Integral Copper Bar?

  1. Improves product conductivity, durability & safety.
  2. Reduces heat build-up to save energy.

Why Use Flame Retardant Material?

  1. ABS is an opaque thermoplastic characterized by resistance to chemicals, heat, and impact.
  2. This is an anti-fire solution that you can rely on.
  3. It is made of flame retardant material ABS able to withstand high temperatures.

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