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To make secure and anti-loosening couplings, combine M8 Rivet Nut with specialized threaded bolts. There are many nut and bolt assortments to fix and secure various kinds of constructions. These nuts come in a variety of shapes and compositions.

We provide a large variety of stainless steel nuts including Blind Nut Riveter, made of rust-resistant materials. These nuts can be used to secure exterior fixtures exposed to vibrational elements because they are rust-resistant.

Outdoor structures will last longer if these nuts and stainless-steel bolts are installed together. Additionally, they eliminate the inconvenience of routinely replacing the nuts and screws.

The six-sided hexagonal nut is one of the most popular types of nuts. It is a very adaptable fastener that joins wood and metal parts in various machinery and buildings.

Because of the design of a hexagonal nut, installation work requires less effort because it is easy to turn. These nuts offer safe and reliable fastening and can be utilized in many different applications, such as household appliances and autos.

Choose an appropriate kind and substance for certain fastening needs. Choose from a choice of m8 rivet nuts made for various uses. Locknuts are a fantastic option for industry applications subjected to a lot of vibration and torque.

Due to their interior threading and ability to withstand significant stresses and movements, these nuts offer locking characteristics.


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Rivet Nut For Thick Material

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Similar to with rivеts, a user must take into account a number of factors while selecting the appropriate blind rivеt nuts for a particular application. We have combined a Blindriver nutritional counselling with a product appropriateness guide.

This will assist you as a supplier in advising your clients on how to choose the best one for their application. So get in touch with us now!

M8 Rivnut

How to select the best application


  • The ultimate joint strength of thick material that has been fastene will be affecte by the Stainless Steel Rivet Nuts.
  • The materials chosen for the body parts would typically be the same as those being assemble.
  • e. an aluminium alloy in a section of aluminium.
  • A noticeable disparity between the materials may result in either a material failure or galvanic corrosion.
Rivet Nut For Thick Material


  • The M6 Rivet Nut is suitable for most applications, such as when flexible materials are fasten to a rigid backing member.
  • This will create a better beach environment.
  • Where a flat surface is require, the countersunk head rivet style should be chose if there is enough material to do so and it is somewhat thicker than the head thickness of the aluminium rivet nuts.
  • If not, the material is very thin, in which case a reduced header might be more appropriate.


  • Hole size can be important when blind riveting since a little hole will, of course, make it difficult to insert Hexagonal Rivet Nut and a large hole will likely cause a rivеt nut to fail.
  • Best practise is followe in accordance with the recommendations provide in the technical data.

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Blind Rivet Nut Supplier Offer Fine Range of Rivet Nuts

Blind Rivet Nut Supplier is a renowned suppliers which is capable to fulfil industrial needs. The nuts allow you to install a strong threaded insert from one side of sheet metal, tubing, extrusions, and other materials. The nuts are made of steel, stainless steel or aluminium. Our rivnuts are suitable for applications requiring low weight and higher corrosion resistance. We provide a neat appearance and once in place, the internal threads are ready for a screw or bolt. Our nuts are one-third the weight of steel rivet nuts and have mild corrosion resistance.


Our Aluminum Rivnuts made of steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, and the right thread size to match your project needs. The rivet nut insert helps connecting aluminum panels, plastic materials, pipes and other components together. We have a classic form of blind rivet nuts for use in dry and grease-free components. It can give solid burden bearing strings into frail or meagre measure. Our nuts provide load-bearing threads in thin sheet materials that are too thin for a tapped thread.

We have a large selection of wholesale bolts and nuts, washers, hex cap screws, & other fasteners.Our company is an engineering representative and stocking distributor for specialty fasteners, standard fasteners and other OEM components. We strive to make the most durable aluminium composite splitters in the market. Aluminum rivet nuts are internally threaded fasteners inserted into brittle or thin materials. Our range of nuts allow you to install a strong threaded insert from one side of sheet metal, tubing, extrusions, and other materials. It is an · ideal for installing a strong female thread in sheet materials or box section. We are focusing on designing high end quality of rivet nuts to fulfil people needs. People can checkan excellent range of nuts, you can visit our official website anytime.  To check out the range of rivet nuts, you can visit official website.

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