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Setting Powder for Oily Skin: The Best Blush Highlighter Contour Palette to Smudge-Proof Your Makeup

How can you choose the best blush highlighter contour palette and setting powder for oily skin if you haven’t tried them? That’s why you have spent the last month testing the most highly rated blush highlighter contour palettes and setting powders on different platforms to find out which ones are the best. Scroll down to see my findings!

9 Ways to Set Your Makeup

One way to set your makeup is by using setting powder. It will help to control shine and oil throughout the day. Another way is to use a blush highlighter contour palette. It will help give your skin some color and definition.

Best Setting Powders – For Light/Medium Skin Tones

Finding the best setting powder for oily skins can be challenging, but we’ve covered you. Check out our list of the best setting powders for oilier skin types and find your new favorite!

Smudge proof mascara is key to avoiding raccoon eyes after a long day, and what better way than by making sure your smoky eye doesn’t look like an accident? Look at these high-quality mascaras that won’t smudge or smear as you wear them all day long.

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Best Tips To Apply 2 In 1 Liquid Lipstick To Look Classy

There is no doubt that 2 in 1 liquid lipstick is a makeup essential in every kit. Even newbies will swear by it. Of course, it would help if you had a lipstick that could keep up with you in every way possible during busy workdays or parties when you’re dancing all night.

1.To get the most from liquid lipstick, follow these steps to apply it correctly. Since liquid lipstick never fails to deliver, it needs to be used correctly to reach its fullest potential with Shimmer brick.

2.Take the wand out of the tube before applying lipstick and run it along with the opening. It will remove any excess product accumulated on the rod, which will prevent streaks from setting in later.

3.Start by lining the Cupid’s bow, and only go over the Cupid’s bow if you want a thicker line at the end. If you want a thinner line at the end, go over the Cupid’s bow only.

4.When finished, start from either end of the bottom lip and merge them into the middle to achieve a natural look. Again, if you’re overlining, do it at the center of the bottom lip and move forward to the natural line at the ends.

5.Finish by filling both lips with liquid lipstick. Use a small quantity to create a thin coat of lipstick that doesn’t weigh the lips down. Do this rapidly as the lipstick sets rather quickly.Take a look at these liquid lipsticks first so you can put these lip tips to the test.

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How To Fix Lightening Liquid Foundation On Your Face?

An unexpected plan surfaces. You have 15 minutes to get dressed. Your friends are waiting for you outside. So you pull out your new lightening liquid foundation, only to find that it’s too dark for you!

This can be done in a variety of ways. Some of them, however, are listed below.

1.Using A Moisturizer:

It would help if you always carried a moisturizer with you. Women never leave home without a small bottle or tube of moisturizer in their bag. That’s all you need for your foundation!

Mix up a little liquid coverage foundation with a few drops of moisturizer on the back of your hand. Check to see if the shade is correct. If necessary, add more moisturizer.

You can now wear the perfect foundation shade because the moisturizer has reduced pigmentation.

2.Using A Finishing Powder:

This is a product that almost everyone has in a light shade to highlight their makeup look. So if you have one, there is no need to purchase any other shades.

Applying the finishing powder after applying your foundation evenly all over your face will lighten up the pigmentation of the foundation. However, do not use a powder set aside for contouring or bronzing.

3.Using A Wet Sponge:

Using your fingers to apply your foundation, predominantly liquid foundation, will appear darker than when you use a brush or an applicator. If your foundation is darker, use a sponge instead.

Use the sponge first by dampening it a little. Do not expose it to running water. The sponge should be a little damp, not soaking wet. Once the sponge is moistened, apply minimal foundation to your face and let it dry.

Make sure you apply the foundation lightly to not settle into the creases. Otherwise, the foundation will turn darker within a few hours.

4.Using A Concealer:

Apply a concealer wherever necessary and conceal the blemishes. Then, take a small amount of the product and blend it around the concealer. Again, using a light hand is vital here. If you have dark circles, make sure you blend in a triangle rather than a circle.

You can avoid highlighting dark circles by dotting the foundation around the eyes and moving down towards the cheeks if you have dark circles.

5.Use it sparingly:

You don’t always have to buy a lighter foundation to avoid purchasing a concealer. However, purchasing a darker foundation may spare you the cost of purchasing one.

You only need to apply this to the blemishes or marks you want to conceal and not all over your face. Like you would use concealer to cover scratches or dents!

We’d love to know which one you love the most once you’ve tried these little tricks! So comment below to let us know!

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