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Vnextrusion: Leading Silicone Manufacturer

Silicone Tubing is intended to work with the liquid exchange in modern cycles. You can buy an exceptionally safe silicone tube produced by Vnextrusion.

Vnextrusion, the leading Silicone manufacturer, guarantees consistency, virtue, power, and extra usage.

We are manufacturing the Silicone Tube with the following features:

  1. Purity
  2. Excellent Performance
  3. Easy to handle
  4. Perfect finish
  5. Leakage proof
  6. Affordable

Our perceived endeavors have yielded our prominence in the market as producer and exporter of Clear Silicone Tube. This silicone tube is planned with the guide of persistent architects and craftsmen to give the best and untainted quality to our benefactors.

Our offered tube is fitted in different plants and machines to move fluids starting with one holder then onto the next or through the interaction. Moreover, this Clear Silicone Tube is see-through and makes it simple to see the stream pressure.

Why pick Vnextrusion Silicone manufacturer?

Immaculateness and Cleanliness

The advantage of the perfect Silicone Tubing is that it can allow critical fluid flow. In addition, our silicone tubing goes through a broad post-relieving impact after expulsion to get an incredibly low degree of silicone tubes, the most pertinent extractable gathering inside Silicone items.


We are offering solid and adaptable Silicone Tubing and Silicone Heater Hose. Vnextrusion guarantees a strong trade-off between pressure protections, durability, high stream rates while keeping up with the high adaptability of the cylinder without crimping.

Simple To Handle

The surface is covered in a plasma cycle. This covering gives a less tacky surface of the silicon tubing in correlation with normal non-covered silicone tubing items. This facilitates the loosening up of loops just as taking care of with gloves overall.


We are leading manufacturers and well-known platform in our field. We unite innovative personalities for a shared objective: advancement in production for client’s satisfaction.

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