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Handrail End Caps: Are You Searching for it?

Handrail End Caps are one of the main safety features on a staircase, preventing falls and accidents. Handrails can be made from various materials, like metal, wood, or glass, to create different visual effects. Also, the type of handrail and stair railing used will affect the appearance of the staircase.

What is the best material for Handrail End Caps?

Handrail End Caps

Steel is the most common material use for stair Handrail End Caps on commercial egress stairs and industrial staircases. In addition, steel is the best material for stair stringers. To prevent rusting, galvanize or stainless steel is commonly use. Galvanized steel is coat with zinc so that corrosive materials do not damage the steel beneath. Chrome, nickel, nitrogen, and molybdenum are add to stainless steel to improve corrosion resistance.

Advantages of Steel

•Steel is renown for its durability and strength, making it one of the safest materials for handrails and railings.
•The performance of steel can be improve by applying powder coatings, liquid paints, and primers.
•A sponge and mild detergent are require for cleaning galvanize and stainless steel surfaces.
•Steel is a versatile material that can be use both indoors and outdoors.

Handrail End Caps


An industrial staircase with prefabricate steel parts is a popular choice for steel Handrail End Caps since steel is commonly use in the stairs. Powder coat or galvanized steel handrails can be use in any environment.

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Glass Spigots- Define their Benefits?

You probably already know that all swimming pools are required to have a fence around them to prevent children from getting unsupervised access. However, while pool fencing is require to keep children safe, that doesn’t mean it has to be unsightly.

Glass Spigots


Frameless Glass Spigots isn’t just virtually invisible, but it also offers several other advantages over traditional and framed glass.

Glass Spigots

•Keeping an eye on kids is easy

Frameless Glass Spigots offer an unobstructed view of the pool area, making it easier to supervise children. In addition, it’s easy to keep track of their activities from the comfort of your banana lounge on the deck or even from inside through the window.

•Quite difficult to climb

A frameless glass pool fence is completely flat, making it impenetrable to climbers, even the most determined. However, It differs from traditional pool fencing, which can sometimes have footholds and allows children to boost themselves up.

Glass Spigots

•Extremely strong

Frameless Glass Spigots consist of temper glass 12mm thick (gates are 8mm/12mm) and heat to more than 700 degrees Celsius during the manufacturing process, making the glass so sturdy that it can be dropped on concrete except breaking.

Glass Spigots

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