Statutory Declaration

Understanding The Importance of RCMP Police Clearance Certificate

Is RCMP Police Clearance Certificate important? Yes, it is! RCMP Police Clearance Certificate contains significant details about an individual, including fingerprints. Police clearance is needed to prove that you have no criminal record covering the time of stay in a country. RCMP certificate approves your character as an individual if you are a well-behaved resident. […]

Why is Notarization so important?

Notarization probably won’t be the most notable exchange to take part in, yet it’s unavoidable that individuals would engage in the legitimate course of action in case they are attempting to make certain documents more official. In other words, notarization is one of the manners by which contracts can be restricting, and verification of witness […]

Book an appointment for Notary Services at Notarizers

Notarizers is one of the leading organizations offering notarization of documents across Canada. We are offering notarization solutions, prompt directions, and guidance to our clients. At Notarizers, we have a team of expert professionals who are authorized notaries. We pick the right experts for our clients that are coordinating with their necessities. Whether you need […]

What is notary stamp and How Is It to Be Used?

A notary public is the one who witnesses and notarizes documents like Statutory Declaration, Fingerprinting, Affidavits, and other documents. But, have you ever wondered about the “Notary Stamp” that the notary public is using for notarizing the documents? What is the use of a Notary Stamp? Here in this article, we will check out the […]

What is RCMP Police Clearance Certificate?

If you are going out or moving to another country, an RCMP Police Clearance Certificate is an important document for you. RCMP Police Clearance Certificate is an official document utilized in the immigration process to check a candidate‚Äôs current criminal status. The main purpose of the RCMP Police Clearance Certificate is to ensure secure employment.In […]

Why car dealers need Auto notary service

Are you a car dealer or going to purchase a car? You may need an authorized document for purchasing the Auto vehicle legally. What are you thinking of? Reach out to Notarizers! Notarizers is providing auto notary services for vehicle sales centers. These notarizations are important to guarantee exact and legitimate exchanges in the car […]

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