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2022’s Top Web Design Fort Myers Trends

We are excited to present our annual round-up of Web Design Fort Myers trends for 2022. This year, we look forward to a wide range of trends, from retro typography to no-code development.

We know that, 2021 wasn’t aneasy year. The looming anxiety of uncertainty, awkward Zoom meetings, and gallons of hand sanitizer make us all feel a bit frazzled.

Yet, no matter the circumstances, we all tried to move forward. It was an excellent opportunity for many of us to learn new skills in design.

Keeping an eye on the web’s trends was essential to our design process. As a result, we put together a comprehensive list of some of the web design trends we anticipate seeing during 2022 after talking to Website Design Fort Myers team at NEW GUY MEDIA. In addition to inspiring you, we hope this list will help you approach the web with a more inclusive and accessible mindset.

2022’s Top Web Design Trends

Several web design agencies have already started brainstorming this year’s trends and inspirations. As a result, their website is increasingly aimed at simulating reality.

1. Parallax Scroll Animations

Parallax effects result from seamless transitions between foreground and background elements. The animations on your website will captivate your clients and their audiences as they scroll through each section.

2. Horizontal scrolling

Among the latest web design trends of 2022, horizontal scrolling allows for interaction and valuable engagement.
Scrolling horizontally on a webpage involves the user actively participating in what’s happening on the screen. As a result, they are more likely to respond and are kept engaged and interested.

3. Asymmetric Layouts

The layout of a website is the arrangement of visual elements that allows information to be presented engagingly to users. There has been a shift in recent years towards asymmetry from symmetrical interfaces, which are now considered boring and predictable.

4. Retro Fonts

Colors and typography inspired by vintage styles are timeless. Retro fonts come in a variety of styles and artworks. Vintage fonts add spice to any website’s layout with their combination of cliches and tropes and bold, beautiful designs.

5. Minimalistic Extremes

To improve user experience, minimalism uses fewer design elements and soft colors instead of bold and bright ones.

The first thing that comes to mind about minimalism is flat design, white spaces, muted colors, and a cleaner appearance. Despite being popular in the 2000s, minimalist web design has now been reimagined by contemporary web designers.

Try incorporating bold background colors, minimal design elements, and clean text to create non-generic minimalistic designs.

6. Videos in Layout

Users enjoy a rich web experience when it is designed well. Different visual elements can be combined with text, audio, and video. An eye-catching background can be produced by beautifully shot cinematography.
Embedded videos from YouTube do not have the same lasting impact as high-quality website videos.


Creating attractive, high-converting designs for your clients’ websites will help you attract clients more efficiently and keep them coming back for more. As a result, your agency will generate more sales revenue and conversions.
In 2022, you’ll need to level up your graphic design skills, play with bold colors, and ensure your website remains clean.
Don’t wait any longer. Get started on these new web design trends to create an engaging user experience for your clients. Last but not least, ensure your website has a responsive design so when you relaunch your site, all your efforts will be rewarded.

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