There are several ways to get a legal power of attorney in Ontario. Here are a few of them:

  1. Fill-in-the-blank power of attorney forms –

Free and low-cost options are available. However, they are typically cookie-cutter forms, which may not accommodate your unique circumstances. When using a POA form, make sure it complies with Power of Attorney Toronto laws.
  1. Online power of attorney platforms –

People searching for personalized POA documents can use online platforms like Willful. Their dynamic platform asks them all the essential questions to ensure their documents reflect their wishes. Our legal wills in Ontario also include detailed instructions and are legally binding in Ontario.

  1. Visiting a lawyer –

If you have any complex wishes or need legal advice, consider consulting with a lawyer. A lawyer can guide you through any complexities to develop a document that is right for you. However, a POA from a Notary Public lawyer can be very expensive.

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