Lower and Upper Dolpo Treks are ideal for trekking in Nepal. It offers lifetime experience including physical and mental benefits. Lower and Upper Dolpo treks range from at least two weeks long journey to five weeks long. These include great reflection, stimulating sights, and immersing you in the lap of nature.

Lower and Upper Dolpo Trek

Here are our top reasons to go trekking and take active holidays.

Fitness improved overall:

Trekking can be one of the best ways to improve your physical fitness. During Lower and Upper Dolpo treks that the trails are stretched through the rocky gorges, stony trails with several ascend and descends which electrifies your whole body work out. It also helps toimprove your strength, agility, and cardio fitness.

Strengthens your cardiovascular system:

The research shows that trekking has increased cardiovascular strength since the heart has to work harder to keep up with the oxygen demand. This increases blood flow to the muscles and the brain, improving the circulatory and respiratory systems. Moreover, it maintains cardio exercise for your heart, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Benefits to Locals

Trekking is generally commenced in the remote and geographically distant where the local people are still struggling for livelihood. When trekkers enter into the community they directly or indirectly consume local products and give an opportunity for local people for their porters, guides, and trekking staff. And also contribute certain donations and helps to the local heritages that could be in form f local taxes or levy or donations.


Trekking is also an avenue for cultural exchanges between domestic and international. When trekkers pass through the villages and people’s settlement they will lively see the everyday life of people. They will know food and lifestyle of people. And similarly local people also witness the trekkers and their behaviors. Hence is also helps to both parties for exchange of culture.

Cleanse the inside out:

When you trek, you’re unlikely to drink coffee or alcohol, but you’ll drink plenty of water and eat whole foods. Consuming nothing but goodness for a week or more has positive effects on your health. The body goes naturally balanced. The Mother Nature fresh air and environment, greenery and silver shining mountains will rejuvenate physically and mentally.

To get the great benefits of trekking Nepal,Limi Valley Trek and Dolpo region Trek could be your next holiday destination for change your body, spirit, and life forever!

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