While installing cables, you have several options for storing and organizing them. In addition to the type of building and wiring system, you will need to consider various factors when selecting containment systems. Furthermore, budget considerations and other practical aspects within the building will also play an influential role.Trunking Vs Conduit: What Is The Difference?

Studying different options is extremely helpful when there are several options. Both are indeed different, despite what most people assume.

Learn how conduit and trunking differ in this article.

Trunking and conduit: What Are They?

How do trunking and Conduit fittings differ? To learn more about trunking and conduit, read on.


An enclosure for protecting cables is called trunking. A rectangular or square container usually has a lid that can be remove. So,Conduit systems can be combine with trunking systems to provide greater convenience and flexibility. Conduits carry cables outside the trunking system to the outlet boxes, while trunking is the framework of each installation.

Having learned what trunking is, let’s explore what a conduit is. Conductors are covered by conduits, which are pipes, channels, or tubes. Cable outer sheaths are protecte from mechanical damage by this component. A Conduit installation has the advantage of being rewire or changed at any time. There are different types of conduits, just as there are different types of trunking systems. Below you will find information about different types of conduit:



Stainless steel

Conduit and Trunking: What are their purposes?

Commercial and industrial applications use trunking systems. For example, lighting trucking is used to transport fluorescent fittings that light a large room, while cable trunking is used for building walls. For cabling needs in close stations, multiple compartments are necessary. A conduit system is then use to provide outlets. They are use in Electrical pipe fittings and Emt Tubes.

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