There are a few different types of oven door glass that you can use to protect food from heat. These include window film, mesh screens, and custom-made inserts.

Window film is a thin piece of plastic or paper placed over the oven window and designed to shield your food from heat. It is easy to install and does not interfere with cooking times or performance.

Mesh screens are made of wire gauze material that allows airflow but prevents items such as cookies or cake batters from escaping during baking cycles. They come in various sizes and shapes and can be explicitly fitted into most ovens and microwaves. Printed Glass is also a great option.

Printed glass

What is Clear Float Glass?

Clear Float Glass is a clear glass that has been treated to reduce glare and improve visibility. This type of glass was designed for commercial settings, such as restaurants and retail stores. Clear Float Glass helps minimize ambient light’s impact on customers’ eyes, allowing them to see better while they are working or shopping. The treatment process involves coating the surface of the glass with a unique film that blocks out sunlight and promotes brightness. The result is a more comfortable environment for those who work inside fluorescent lighting or use electronic displays all day long.

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