The use of high-speed internet is not mandatory with some video services. However, it enhances the quality of the call, particularly the definition of the video feed. You must have high-speed internet to receive and send video in high quality. Additionally, ensure your network has enough bandwidth, so you do not compete with other users.

Your clients must be able to hear you clearly on the call, as well as you must be able to hear your clients. In order to achieve this, the video call should be conducted in a quiet and distraction-free place.

High-quality microphones make a big difference. You might have a good microphone on your mobile device, but you should test it before conducting a video call. In addition, background noise can be minimized using headphones or headsets with directional microphones for conference calls.

You must ensure your speakers do not create feedback or echo through your microphone if you plan to join meetings over speaker phone without a headset. Make sure your own speaker does not carry your voice, and your microphone does not carry the speaker’s sound.

You must enunciate clearly for the interpreter on a video call or even on a phone call.

Learning a great deal about your personality from your environment is possible. You could also consider staging your background for your video calls if you want to make them stand out. The screen, good lighting, and the camera should be well positioned so that you can do this. A plain or staged wall with framed artwork will make your video call more professional
Run a test call before you begin the video call. Ensure the video channel is working and clear by opening it and checking the sound. Before starting the call, ensure the microphone and camera are working correctly.

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