Are you looking for Video Remote Translation Services, Affordable Translation Services New Jersey, or Books Translation Services New Jersey? provide USCIS with high-quality translation services that comply with their rigid requirements. USCIS translators are experts in immigration service’s who translate documents.

Translations certified by USCIS.

It is responsibility to certify that a translated document for USCIS accurately portrays the original.

At USCIS, certified translation services are required by government authorities. Therefore, our translation certificates are guaranteed to be accepted universally for one year.

To be accepted by the USCIS, you must translate accurately.

USCIS has strict requirements that must be followed. Our translation system for USCIS documents follows a three-point process:

Translate – Native translators translate documents with expertise in citizenship and immigration.

Certify – is a recognized company in the translation sector and by International Organizations for Standardization, so your documents will be accepted by the Immigration Service (USCIS).

You will receive your translated document via mail or online delivery once your translation has been completed.

We certify your documents with our global network of more than 10,000 translators on six continents, backed by our 24/7 customer support.

We strategically hire native certified translators based in different time zones to prepare for your needs.

Does USCIS require a certified translation?

Translation agencies and translators are required to certify all translated documents submitted to USCIS.

Does the USCIS accept translated documents?

You can’t translate your documents for USCIS submission. Your translation does not guarantee accuracy and faithfulness to the source document.

Is it possible to have my legal documents translated by your company?

Also, we can translate your documents for USCIS and other legal purposes, such as litigation, hearings, etc.

Where can I find a local translator for USCIS documents?

USCIS documents can be translated easily by someone near you. The best translator will be matched to you based on your location.

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