A crucial aspect of Shoulder Holsters for Concealed Carry is picking the correct holster. Don’t let your style dictate that you get the holster with the coolest appearance. Your chosen holster must be secure, reliable, practical, and, most importantly, safe.

In further detail, we’ll examine the classic shoulder holster in this piece because US cop dramas and movies have made it renowned over the years. But shoulder holsters aren’t just for TV; they may also be a good way to carry a concealed weapon, especially if you wear a jacket.

Read our post to learn more about Shoulder Holster Concealed Carry. The two main benefits of Concealed Shoulder Holster are:

1) They Make It Simple To Reach Your Gun:

Instant accessibility is a crucial component of concealed carry; possessing something is useless if you can’t get to it quickly.

Additionally, concealment holsters, such as IWB, can occasionally become too snug and make a drawing difficult. Shoulder holsters are useful in this situation. Finally, you only need to unzip or unbutton your jacket to be ready to go!

It’s also important to note that, in contrast to IWB or pocket carry, shoulder carry makes it simple to draw your firearm while seated. This can be particularly useful if you need to reach your gun while operating a motor vehicle.

2) Being Discreet Is Considerably Simpler:

Concealed carriers frequently struggle with “gun prints,” or the visual imprint of a holster that can be visible through your shirt or pants.

In addition, it can be quite difficult to effectively conceal your handgun if, like many Americans, you favor slimmer attire.

However, there is no need to be concerned if you have a shoulder holster. Shoulder holsters are ideal for concealing as long as the temperature is cool, and you may stroll around all day wearing a coat or jacket without being obvious.

Although shoulder holsters are the best option for compact weapons, you may also use them with Uzis, long-barrelled weapons, and machine guns. For instance, look at the leather Uzi shoulder holster from Front Line.

In addition, consider wearing a trench coat or a thick jacket for maximum camouflage if you intend to conceal a long-barreled pistol or a UZI.

Conclusion: Are shoulder holsters a good method of concealed carry?

It depends. Like other holster-related queries, there isn’t a clear-cut yes or no response to this topic. Instead, it relies on many elements, like your daily schedule, fashion style, stature, the type of gun you own, and many others.

However, if the circumstances are favorable, you will find shoulder carrying a highly useful technique, particularly if you need to carry additional magazines or a handcuff pouch.

They require more training, but if you’re committed to becoming a CCW practitioner, you should consider investing. That extra option is worthwhile because concealed carriers must be ready for every conceivable setting and circumstance.

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