There are two types of 925 Sterling Silver EarRings usually used to make silver jewelry:

  1. sterling silver
  2. fine silver

The main difference between the two is that 925 Sterling Silver EarRings has a higher percentage of pure silver in its composition than fine silver. Therefore, it is popularly refer to as Sterling Silver 925 or only Silver 925 because of its 92.5% Pure Silver content.

925 Sterling Silver EarRings

Mine of Positivity

Metals like silver are consider to make sense and so have positive energy. Since antiquity, silver was use as a cure to bring positive vibrations to an environment. 925 jewelry Tennis Necklace has been shown to boost energy levels, a sense of balance, and emotional response.

Improves Blood Circulation

Using positively charged silver (ions), the wearer’s body creates a field that reflects unwanted electromagnetic radiation from the environment, improving blood circulation and stimulating the body’s natural conductivity.

Helps in an Improved Decision Making

You can clear away all the negative energy around yourself by wearing silver jewelry and also bringing your aura into a more relaxed mindset.

This can help you stop thinking about negative things and let you think and act clearly as the situation demands.

It clears your mind of negative energy, resulting in more thoughtful, compassionate, and well-observed decisions. 925 silver jewelry Rainbow Ring chases away the negativity around you.

Keeps Cold and Flu Away

In addition to its healing powers, silver has long been known as a healing metal. It is known to be able to cure disease and also make one’s body healthier and happier. Those prone to colds and allergies during the change of seasons will find its antibacterial and antibiotic properties helpful. Silver ions bind to negative oxygen molecules in viruses and bacteria, crushing them down and smothering them. If you spend a little bit on an authentic 925 silver, further you can reduce your seasonal medical costs.

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