When you shop for Custom Holsters, you’re stuck looking at pictures online. There seem to be a million different Shoulder Holsters and custom holster makers who all promise the same thing, a black hills leather custom holster.

1. Be patient.

If you are looking for a holster maker, take your time, shop around, and think about it overnight. Nothing splendid has ever happened overnight. You will not find a Leatherman master online who will work through the night to make you one.

2. Know what to look for. 

Once you’re gone, your children will fight over who gets to keep the holster. When considering custom holsters, it’s essential to consider the main consequences of holsters.

3. You get what you pay for. 

Holsters made to order take days, not hours to complete. Do you want to pay someone to make your holster in an afternoon, or do you want a holster that took 20-50 hours to make? If you are going to buy a holster, you need to ensure that the person making it is not just chasing orders and making holsters as quickly and cheaply as possible.

4. Have a realistic time frame. 

Your maker should pour his heart and soul into your  Old West Leather holster, and the price you are willing to pay for it will correspond to how many hours he spends making the holster and what grade leather he uses. For the holster to meet your expectations, you want the maker to take their time.

5. Be prepared to break your custom holster in. 

As with a custom pair of cowboy boots or a new baseball glove, it takes time to break in a custom holster. So when a custom holster is made, it’s made so that the user can break in the holster according to their preference.

It will take you some time to break in the holster and find the retention level and smooth draw you’re looking for.

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