Summary: In the following article, you will learn the important applications of Fire Assay Crucibles.

Smelting crucibles for gold As Fire Assay Crucibles are more resistant to breaking than average when used in Fire Assay Crucible. In laboratories throughout the world, people use our crucibles and refractory materials.
To meet the needs of the specs, we offer a range of forms and sizes. As a result, our crucibles offer greater durability, quicker melting, and continuous melting.

Remains may collect at the bottom of crucibles used frequently for chemical applications such as washing. Maintain a clean and contaminant-free crucible.
Crucibles used in biochemical or pharmaceutical applications may benefit from sulfuric-nitrate cleaning solutions, even if different metals need different amounts of upkeep.


•    Laboratory testing
•    mineral assaying
•    fire assaying
•    gold assaying
•    precious metal analysis
•    laboratory testing


•    Long-lasting and durable
•    Strong mechanical construction intended to handle extreme heat shocks.
•    Can tolerate repeatedly experiencing heat shocks from 1300 degrees Celsius to room temperature; Special formula, curing, and pressing technique.


•    Excellent dimensional stability
•    low expansion
•    resilience to thermal shock

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